About Us

Photo courtesy of Dan Cooley

Locally owned by three siblings,  MonkeyBoy’s mission is to encourage residents of Spokane and the surrounding area to discover the benefits of bicycle commuting, as well as reignite the sheer pleasure of recreational cycling reminiscent of childhood.

We started as a small mobile repair shop in 2011, the moniker MonkeyBoy sparking from the nickname of Lynn’s son. As avid bicyclists, we began to notice a lack of stylish yet practical bicycle specific commuter gear in Spokane. Inspired by Momentum Magazine and encouraged by friends and family, in 2013 Lynn approached Donald and their sister Patti with the idea of opening an actual store front. With a resounding “Yes!” the siblings began to pursue the possibilities. What began as a one-year plan swiftly turned into a three month plan. In just a few weeks’ time, MonkeyBoy Bicycles secured a store front in the Garland District in Spokane, Washington, and the race was on to fill the 600 square foot space with bicycle delights.

After a year on Garland Avenue MonkeyBoy Bicycles made a move to Kendall Yards, a new urban development on the north side of Spokane River, less than a block away from the famed local Centennial Trail. We invite you to come visit us at 1206 W Summit Parkway. We think you’ll be delighted by what you find, and we will be delighted to meet you!